Enthousiaste mail uit Gobabis


I am very glad to here that u ar still safe and sound. hope yr airway still open and in good health. i would like to apologise for my previous urgent departure. it was actually due to a sudden death of my close family member back in Zimbabwe.

As for Gobabis team we are still fit and area kept safe all the time. we have just stated training basic PHTLS to the periphery clinics. following the basics u taught us before. we really trying our best to make use of your unwavering support to Gobabis. i urge u pliz never give up and never get tired. u cannot believe how usifull your imput to us now. we are experiencing a great deal of MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT very often. with the knowledge u gave us i am proud and always confident this will lead a milestone.

Lastly could u kindly email any other folder/files which u think can be of great use during our trainning. currently we are bisy trainning clinics as i said. you may use this email address or (amochinyama@xxxxxxx) Any of the two i will appretiate. i will sent u fotos of our in service trainning and would like to asure u that this programme will never die as long as i lve and still exist. once again thanks a million. i will write to u soon for other things which we might need for our programme. i will also sent u the statistics of all MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT we encountered for u to see how important is this programme to us.

i hope to here from u soon

yours in HEALTH

Health & Emergency care Learning Program

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